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HL Series Hyodong Link Former

Link former can be manufactured from 5 to 8 stations, and various types of models can be developed according to customer needs.
Precise driving control of the former ram between processes is a very important factor for improving quality and life of tooling.
Structure of knuckle crank mechanism is combined the knuckle mechanism with the crank mechanism to create the slow ram speed near the front forging point.
It adopts the power transmission structure of the knuckle crank mechanism to overcome the tooling precision and limitations during the forging process of difficult-to-form materials. And it is a new concept former system that realizes effects such as reducing tooling load and reducing deformation resistance.

Station Max. Cut-off Dia x Length Precision Forging Load kN Speed PPM
6 ø23 x 60 ±0.02 130 180

The link former can exert superior power compared to the existing former with minimal power by maximally applying the multi-link structure and gear reduction stage. Compared to the previous former, the motor power is reduced by 50%, which is advantageous for energy saving.

In line with the changes in the automobile industry, the development of future electric vehicle parts is actively in progress. Link former is an optimized former for forming various materials and thin & high-precision parts.
MODEL Cut-off (mm) Open UP Dia MAX(mm) KO(mm) PKO(mm) Forging Load(KN) Main Motor(KW) Output/min Machine weight (Aprox)(kg) Machine Size(M)
HLNP-607 7x30 9 30 13 300 7.5 230 5,000 3x1.4x1.5
HLNP-611 12x35 21 35 20 1,200 15 220 20,000 4.2x2.4x1.6
HLNP-615 15x50 22 50 20 1,500 15 200 30,000 4.2x2.4x2.2
HLNP-618 18x50 24.5 50 25 1,800 22 180 35,000 6.0x3.0x2.5
HLNP-623 23x60 32 70 40 2,600 30 150 65,000 7x3.6x2.5
※ Specification subject to change without further notice.