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Hyodong Production Line
Hyodong Cold Forging Machine is a press type that ram slides to horizontal direction. Wire is cut according to required amount, and cut materials transfer to lining punch & dies for forming what we want. Forming is without material heating. Our machine uses various kind of modern industry as like connecting rod bolt, ball joint for car component & construction TC bolt etc. The material has deformability due to being forged at a room temperature.

Also, it is required for deformation resistance that is not too high. When the deformation resistance is increased according to work hardening, tools can be possibly broken because of excessive stress. Therefore, there is a limit of processing measurement and shape though, It is possible to deform a variety of forming products without any second processing because of satisfactory surface condition and degree of precision.
New Technologies of Hyodong Former
For the purpose of advancing into the aerospace industry and the evolution of the automotive industry, Hyodong Machine has succeeded in developing a variety of former line-up to realize the needs of various customers.

Starting with the development of a hot former in 2018, we have completed the development of a warm former in 2019 and a link former that realizes a new pressing timing in 2020. The warm former can produce product that has been difficult to form with cold forging or problem with tooling life by heating the material according to the product specification. And the link former existing ram drive to the knuckle press method minimizes product deformation by securing the timing of the forging section as much as possible.